Generic Viagra

Men having problems with their erection need not worry as Viagra solves all your problems. One of the best drugs available, you get good erection. Moreover, you can have immense sexual pleasure for long hours.

Drug Uses

One of the reasons why Generic Viagra is widely prescribed is because it acts fast and also comes with fewer side effects when compared to other erectile dysfunction drugs. How does Viagra act? Viagra impotence drug relaxes the blood vessels in the penile region. Once the blood vessels get relaxed, more blood flows into the region. Erection is very much related to blood flow. Once the penis gets good blood, it gets proper erection.

How Taken

Doctors prescribe Viagra to be taken about an hour ahead of any sex. They also advice that only one drug has to be taken a day and to maintain a gap of at least 24 hours between two pills. Always follow the doctor’s direction when using Viagra for your impotence issues.

More Information

Never buy Viagra without your doctor advising for it. This is because you may not be able to know how the drug is going to affect your health. The doctor can only make out if Viagra is suitable for your body.

When consulting the doctor for your impotence, make sure that you discuss threadbare about all your health problems. Tell him if you have any allergies to any particular medicine, food or any other substance. Inform the doctor if you have any heart related problems, kidney issues, liver problems, blood related issues, prolonged erections and painful erections. Unless the doctor has an overall idea about your condition, he may not be able to prescribe Viagra.

Another thing that has to be noted is that Viagra should only be used by men and not by women and children. When elders use this impotence drug, they have to be careful, as they are more prone to its side effects.


When discussing your problem with the doctor, make sure that you also tell him about all the medicines that you are using. It is known that Viagra interacts with some medicines. The doctors will not be prescribing Viagra if you are under any medication that contains Nitrate. This is because when Viagra is used along with nitrate filled pills, there is a possibility that the pressure may come down to abnormal levels, which is very dangerous.

Alcohol should be given up when using Viagra as it can increase the risk of side effects.

It has also been said that Generic Viagra may lead to sudden vision loss. Well, it has not yet been proved if Viagra impotence pills are the real cause of this situation. The problem has only been noticed in men who already have vision related problems and who are diabetic and who have high pressure.

Side Effects

Viagra also comes with side effects. But the good thing is that the side effects are not that severe. There is one problem that you have to be alert. In case you have prolonged erection, may be for hours, after taking Viagra, then you have to check with your doctor. This situation is not good as prolonged erections can permanently damage the penis.